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Full-day walks from Kandersteg - front cover

The first physical product of the Walking Wiki is a book of full-day walks from Kandersteg in the Swiss Alps.

You can find the walks on the Kandersteg Walks page.

Why not read a few sample pages from the book?

You can order a copy of the book from Lulu, or buy it in person at Bücher Ecke in Kandersteg.

The Walking Wiki is a site to collect walks. It was created in June 2009 by Jane Curry and Andrew Findlay as a repository for their store of walking records.

We hope that others will join us and record their favourite walks on the Walking Wiki. All the contributed information is placed under a Creative Commons licence, so anyone can use it to create compilations. The site is very new and we have not worked out the best way to do things yet, so we would welcome help and suggestions in that area too.

Browse the walks

Take a look at the walks that have been written up already. Most of them so far centre on the village of Kandersteg in the Swiss Alps:

Here is a complete list of walks in the database. Note that many of these only have skeletal entries:

New walks can be added to the main listing page:

Get Involved

Why not write up some of your favourite walks? The Walking Wiki is here for you to publish them.



The Walking Wiki is run by Jane Curry and Andrew Findlay:

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