43: Hohenweg Sudrampe – Eggerberg – Eggen – Finnu – Kastler – Roose - Mund – Naters – Brig

The southern end of the Höhenweg Südrampe from Eggerberg down to Brig

The view down into Brig and across to the Simplon Pass from the Höhenweg Südrampe:

The view down into Brig and across to the Simplon Pass from the Höhenweg Südrampe

As with the northern part of the Südrampe, there are lots of variations to this walk. Strictly, the Höhenweg Südrampe stops at Lalden; this walk starts at Eggerberg and goes higher up to Finnu and Kastler (Chastler) and then drops lower all the way down to Brig. It is a long walk but with a superb mixture of high alpine Walliser villages through to the almost Italian feel of Brig. The railway station at Kandersteg can sell you a ticket for Kandersteg to Eggerberg, returning from Brig.

From Eggerberg Station, follow signs for Eggen and Finnu (you may also see this written as Finnen). It is quite a hard climb from Eggerberg to Eggen as you have 200m to gain, crossing the road several times on the steep path. Eggen is a fascinating Walliser alpine village - make sure you go up the grass path through Eggen, rather than staying with the road. At the top of Eggen, go past Wirtschaft Egga, following signs for Finnu and Kastler; it is another fairly hard climb, crossing the alpine road three times before finally emerging at Finnu. This is the highest Walliser village that is inhabited all the year round and the views are magnificent over the Rhone valley. There is a restaurant at Finnu. If you really want to cheat, it is possible to get the bus to Finnu from Eggerberg - see the Post Bus timetables - the 2010 timetable is at http://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/bav_assets/files/2010/12.523.pdf .

From Finnu, wander through the village following signs for Kastler (also written as Chastler); alternatively you can take one of the lower paths to Mund through Bodma. There are quite a lot of confusing signs around this area but they pretty well all lead to Mund eventually. It is approximately 1 km from Finnu to Kastler but you have another 200m in height to gain so the 35 minutes on the signs is a little optimistic. Kastler is the summit of this walk at 1607m - an 800m rise from Eggerberg and at least that back down to Brig. There are several paths from Kastler to Mund; Bodma is on the lower, more direct path; Roosse follows the road further before dropping down into Mund. Mund is an area where saffron is grown.

Mund is another major decision point. You can go down (due south) through Mund and head for Lalden station; the signs are not very good for this. You do NOT want to go to Lalden itself as that is down on the Rhone valley floor whereas the station is at least 150m higher up. Alternatively go through Mund heading east and pass by the old chairlift station (long disused) heading for Birgisch. You follow a beautiful path around a deeply inset valley, crossing a stream where there is a handy seat. You emerge from the valley into Birgisch where there is a restaurant and a bus stop. The Post Bus has a service that runs from Brig to Mund - the 2010 timetable can be found at http://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/bav_assets/files/2010/12.623.pdf .

To walk right through to Brig, continue through Birgisch following signs for Naters and Brig. After following the main road for a short time, the footpath dives down the hillside to the right, eventually turning into a cobbled path in dappled shade; it emerges finally into the top of Naters, the village north of the Rhone river, opposite Brig. Follow the road (signs for Brig Bahnhof), crossing the Rhone on the main road bridge, to bring you into Brig right by the station.

This is a long walk with 800m vertcal climb in each direction. It is about 8km from Eggerberg to Mund and around 7km from Mund to Brig. It can also be a very hot walk with long stretches without a restaurant so take plenty of water. The walk Eggerberg - Finnu - Kastler - Mund - Brig is signed at about 5 hours but you will want to stop at various places to admire the view; also, be prepared to get slightly lost between Bodma and Mund - you can easily lose 20 minutes around here!

The route from Eggerberg via Finnu to Brig

Time Height Location Comment
10:20:00 810 Eggerberg  
10:56:00 1017 Eggen  
12:05:00 1408 Finnu 25 mins rest
13:06:00 1606 Kastler 30 mins lunch
14:13:00 1407 Roose  
14:38:00 1200 Mund 20 mins rest
15:40:00 1091 Birgisch  
16:22:00   Base of track before Naters  
16:40:00 776 Brig station  


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